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The AMALTHEA Program's outcomes are multifarious; some of them are directly measurable and some of them are not. In the following pages we are presenting you some of the major artifacts that the AMALTHEA REU and its participants has managed to produce since March 2007. For more information on other types of outcomes, please consult our proceedings under Publications.

Research Projects
Here you will find about student research projects that were pursued in past summer experiences. Each project topic is accompanied by a short description, the team make-up, and a poster that was used by the team during AMALTHEA's Symposium at the end of the Program. The research was conducted during the 10-week summer experience by the student participants under the mentorship and guidance of their graduate students and faculty mentors.

Under Publications you will find the entire collection of technical manuscripts that were directly or indirectly supported by the AMALTHEA Program to date. The collection encompasses proceedings, which are documented accounts of the activities and outcomes of each year's experience, technical reports, which were authored by the student participants, theses / dissertations, conference papers /presentations and journal articles, some of which are co-authored with REU students. Note that the quantity and quality of these items measure (i) the intellectual merit of the research performed under the Program and (ii) the quality of mentorship provided by its Project Staff. Therefore these publications constitute maybe the most important, tangible outcome of the AMALTHEA REU.

Promotional Material
Under this page you will find samples of promotional material that we have used in the past for recruiting students and promoting the Program. The material consists of flyers, posters and similar artifacts.

Other Products
Anything that does not fit the previous categories of outcomes can be found here. If you are a former participant (student, faculty, AB member) of the Program here you will find the link to photos from the Symposium.