Advances of Machine Learning in Theory & Applications


The AMALTHEA Program usually involves several students, undergraduate participants and graduate mentors, as well as faculty. Furthermore, it is supported by a large number of people every year, whether directly or indirectly. Among these are our Affiliate Faculty, our Advisory Board members and many others, like administartive staff, educational specialists, and so forth. The links below will lead you to information pertaining to all these people and their role within the AMALTHEA program.

Participant Students
Find out which were the undergraduate students that participated in the 10-week AMALTHEA research experience the previous years.

Advisory Board
Here you will find a listing of our Advisory Board (AB) members. Each year the AB consists of professionals, scientists and specialists from the academia, the local industry and the government sector.

Affiliate Faculty
See who's supporting our recruiting efforts as an Affiliate Faculty (AF). We have a group of AF from all over the US that help us spread the word about the AMALTHEA opportunity.

Project Staff
Last, but not (by no means) least, meet the Project Staff (PS) of the Program, which includes our graduate students and faculty.