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Other Products

Here you may find a variety of artifacts that do not fall under the main categories of our showcase (publications, projects and promotional material). Examples are additional photos that we want to share with past participants of the Program. Access to all these links below will be, typically, restricted, i.e. you will need appropriate authentication credentials (an assigned username and password). If you indeed need access to this material, please contact us.

2007 Program

Check out below the photos from the symposium and other activities we had.

Symposium photos include 134 pictures totaling about 200MBs. When visiting the page, make sure you allow scripts to run (i.e. ignore your browser's complaints) to allow the photo browsing interface to work.
(2007 symposium attendees only)

Additional photos totaling about 313MBs. Photos are stored in compressed archives. Sorry; no interface for them at this moment.
(2007 students & staff only)

Browse the Special Projects' material by visiting the link below:

(2007 students & staff only)